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Oregon Restoration Co. is different. We are an owner operated, non-franchised, self-started & rapidly growing company focused on building the highest trained and qualified team in the marketplace. When a Water Damage or Mold Damage happens in your home or business there is no time to hesitate in calling a professional to help you with your disaster and no matter what the situation is, we have you covered. We know how important it is to get a handle on an Emergency Water or Mold Loss.  Secondary loss damage can be avoided if you contact a local professional company like Oregon Restoration Co..  We assist with both Insurance related and “Self-Pay” losses.  Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.  Advice and Estimates are always FREE.





Emergencies happen.  That’s why were here, to get “help on the way” and get your home or office back to the way it was before a Water or Mold Damage affected it.  Oregon Restoration’s staff is professional, trained and ready to help.  We do not just have a couple of technicians with certifications, our whole staff is trained and certified through the IICRC, a specialty institution for Water Damage and Mold Damage training with a specific focus on Applied Structural DryingApplied Microbial RemediationWater Damage Restoration and Odor Control.  We care about continuing our education and growing as a leader in the Oregon Water and Mold Damage Restoration Industry.  Owner, Ryan Gilyeat is a certified Master Water Restorer, which is the highest certification that you can receive from the IICRC and is one of very few professionals in Oregon to have this certification.  We hope that you take some time to check out our website and also follow us on FacebookTwitter or Google +.

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There are many different types of Water Damage Emergencies.  Some of them include: Broken pipes, frozen pipes that then leak, flooded crawlspaces, leaking roofs into the attic, appliances that leak when your on vacation.  Some losses are covered by your insurance and some are called “self pay”, Oregon Restoration Co. assist’s with both types of a Water Loss.  Working with many different insurance companies let us help you or your business navigate through any of these emergency and non-emergency type situations.  We aim to be the company that you look to for both quality service when there is an emergency, but also the company that you look to for how to keep your home safe from a water damage emergency.  If your home or office has suffered from a Water Damage call us  or fill out the contact form below and we can get “help on the way.”


Have a funny, musty smell in your home or office?  Maybe some fuzzy spots growing on the ceiling of the bathroom or in the attic?  Did you have untreated flood damage from an infamous Oregon Rain Storm.  Mold is no fun for you or your office.  We can get “help on the way” though.  We have a staff that is constantly continuing the training and education that it takes to be a industry leader in Mold Damage Restoration and Remediation.  Our process includes a FREE Estimate and our goal with any project that involves Mold is to fix the problem at the source.  Call us or fill out our contact form at the bottom and get your smelly, fuzzy, funky Oregon Mold issue under control today.


When was the last time an emergency happened at the right time… Most likely never!  We are ready for your disaster.  Wether it be a Water or Mold Damage situation, we have you covered and can get “help on the way.”  We work 24hrs because Emergencies do, we know that an unexpected rain event can cause your home or office to flood, an appliance goes on the fritz and leaks everywhere, toilet or plumbing supply line cracks or breaks leaving you or your team overwhelmed with what to do next.  Oregon Restoration Co. cares about your situation and strive to meet every situation or disaster with an open mind and empathy for our customers, knowing that there is urgency involved with every disaster.  Read our reviews online and see what our customers have to say about us or if you are ready to get “help on the way”, call or message us.



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David / Google / September, 2019

Outstanding service. We learned of our crawlspace problems during our remodel and Oregon Restoration quickly stepped in to clean up and repair the damage. Seth Sell worked with our insurance claims adjuster to obtain our insurance benefits and the entire repair crew was friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and always on=time. The repairs were done quickly so that we could complete our remodel. Costs were reasonable and fair (we had other estimates) Highest recommendation.

Suzanne / Google / August, 2019

I rarely leave reviews, but Oregon Restoration really earned the stars I gave here. They were honestly just a really kind company to work with… very kind folks, particularly Ambrosio. Having mold was definitely no fun to deal with, and as these things often go, once the walls were open there were other issues that came up. But Oregon Restoration was super communicative and allowed us to make our own choices with each step, without pressure. They gave us written summaries on the daily work progress, and written updates to any change in scope of the work. Anytime we had concerns about anything, I felt like Ambrosio shared our concerns as well. He also took time to explain things as much as necessary so that we understood the potential issues and outcomes. The work was completed as agreed upon, on time, and at a very fair price.

Beeman / Google / August, 2019

Oregon Restoration did a great job of cleaning up my dirty, moldy in-ground garage and making it shiny and new again. They were efficient and friendly while here, and made sure to get the place dried out after they were done.

Lindsay / Google / August, 2019

These guys are legitimately in it to help people. They advocate for you, push things forward, kindly address your adjusters concerns, make sure the project stays on time. They remediate mold, restore your health, and they make it all look beautiful again. Honestly, we can’t praise them enough. I have referred my patients to them for years for mold remediation as mold can be a nightmare for your health and is a huge problem in Oregon.

This year we needed them in our own nightmare home experience. They were wonderful. Gary and Kirk are incredible humans- kind, hard working and honest. Eddie does incredible detail work. The tear down crew was so nice and professional-Noe always had a smile. the mold remediation team led by Ambrosio was so thorough and Jake was an incredible human being who really made sure we got our health on track as soon as possible by moving things along quickly and safely.

As a small business owner, a doctor, a client- I can say these guys have got it right. Leadership starts at the top and here you can see the trickle down effect has procured an honest, kind, hard-working, decent, skilled, health-bringing team of humans invested in your health and home being healthy and beautiful. Thank you Oregon Restoration.

Alexia / Google / June, 2019

Oregon restoration was a pleasure to work with and did a great job with the water damage/mold in our kitchen. We worked with Kenny T. He was very professional, knowledgeable and good at communicating to us what was happening every step of the way. The water damage and mold remediation was done quickly and thoroughly. I can’t recommend this company enough.