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If you suspect or can spot mold growth in your property, contact us for immediate assistance. We are a top-rated and trusted mold remediation company proudly serving commercial and residential clients for over 20 years. Our number one priority is restoring your property and getting your life back on track.

Specializing in mold damage in Oregon, we answer all your concerns and provide you with quality remediation services. We create a targeted plan for mold removal to prevent property damages, business downtime, and the effects of mold on people’s health.

Time is of the essence when dealing with a mold invasion. It can spread throughout your property within 42 to 72 hours. It can swiftly grow into mold colonies, rapidly infesting your premises before you know it. Failure to act fast can put the safety of your property and health at risk.

Did you know that modern building materials like ceiling tiles, wallpaper, particle boards, and carpets are like candy to mold? It can eat them away fast, resulting in severe structural damages. Besides this, mold reproduces by releasing spores which is health-damaging if inhaled.

Take action immediately. Call us for mold remediation today. Our highly-trained and IICRC-certified professionals can ensure complete mold removal. We remedy the problem by determining the mold location, type of growth, and scope. These factors help us determine the best mold removal approach for your space.

Our professionals use advanced equipment to clean non-porous materials and perform structural drying to get rid of mold spores. We also help you get rid of contaminated materials. We strive to provide you with a safe and healthy indoor environment once again.

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kitchen mold

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Kitchen mold is primarily caused by humidity from washing dishes, cooking, and using a dishwasher. Poor ventilation also compounds the problem. If you can spot signs of mold in your kitchen, contact us. We can safely remove it and reduce the risk of mold spores from spreading to the other parts of your home.

bathroom mold

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As water frequently runs in the bathroom, it makes it moist and humid. This is the perfect environment needed for mold to thrive and grow. Among the top signs of bathroom mold are a musty smell, wall damage, and soft spots on the bathroom floor. Call us for immediate mold cleanup before the problem aggravates.

basement mold

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Factors like leaky foundations, flooding, poor water extraction, condensation from appliances can lead to basement mold growth. If you spot mold in your basement due to any reason, schedule specialized services for mold damage in Oregon right away. Act now to limit the damage because spores from the basement are likely to rise throughout the home.

attic mold

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The top cause of attic mold is poor ventilation. Even if you can’t detect signs of mold spores right away, the musty smell in the attic is a red flag indicating mold presence. Schedule with us for a detailed inspection of your attic and let our pros handle the problem efficiently.

slow leak mold

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Though slow leaks seem deceptively harmless, they are equally damaging as a significant water damage event. Unaddressed slow leaks can lead to moisture buildup and eventually mold growth. This can further result in costly structural and cosmetic damages. Prevent slow leak mold growth and costly repairs with us. Let us keep your property mold-free.

commercial mold

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Commercial mold restoration requires immediate attention and specific expertise. This is because mold damage can cause serious health complications in any environment, but especially in commercial facilities, where employees, customers, and business clients share the space. Don’t let commercial mold make your business look unprofessional. Allow our team to take crucial measures to eliminate mold from your premises.

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