It’s Mold Week on Women’s Wellness Radio and Oregon Restoration is excited to be included in this Podcast Series.  Owner, Ryan Gilyeat will be speaking about “Restoring Your Home Properly After Water Damage”.  Ryan, an industry expert with an IICRC Master Restorer Certification, knows the in and outs of properly restoring homes that have been severely damaged by water intrusion.  Register for the podcast today by clicking the link below.


Here is an expert from the Women’s Wellness Raio site about Mold Week.

“Floodwaters can expose you to chemicals and parasitic & bacterial infection. Water-damaged buildings and belongings can grow toxic mold leading to symptoms like asthma, headaches, fatigue, confusion, and depression.

Whether your house has been flooded by a natural disaster, a burst pipe or a leak behind a wall, you are at risk of being exposed to toxins that can make you and your family really sick.

In this free week-long event, happening live October 30 – November 5, 2017, our guest experts cover the practical matters of dealing with a water-damaged building, like clearing debris and filing insurance claims.

We’ll also talk about protecting your health while your clean up debris, as well as prevention and healing of long-term health effects. “

Here is a video about mold week from the Women’s Wellness Radio page.