Broken pipes can lead to a saturated home or even crawl space.

In the pictures below you can see a broken or split pipe has caused a large Water Damage in this home.  The split in the plumbing was caused by the freeze that we had earlier this year.  Expanding and contracting of the pipes led to this unfortunate split in the line and caused over 1000 gallons of water to leak into the customers home.  You can see in the pictures some of the damage caused by this leak.  Sheet rock and insulation have been removed after the initial inspection to start the drying process and get this customer back to normal.


  • Inspection / Estimate / Scope of loss
  • Mitigation of damaged areas
  • Restorative dry out begins
  • Equipment monitoring of job throughout dry-out
  • Final inspections of monitored equipment
  • Removal of equipment from affected areas are dry


  • Turn off water, if you can not find the water shut-off call a plumber
  • Remove any items out of the affected area safely without power on
  • Do not use a household vacuum to clean this up
  • Do not track water from affected areas to non-affected areas if at all possible
  • Call a professional plumbing company to fix any pipe leaks or breaks
  • Call your insurance agent or company
  • Call a restoration professional like Oregon Restoration Co.

Please take a look at the pictures below of the water damage caused by a plumbing supply line leak.  If you have a damage like this or have questions, please go to our contact page and fill out our form.  Thank you for reading our post.

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